Throwing the Perfect Aussie Easter Picnic

23 March 2018 Throwing the Perfect Aussie Easter Picnic

If you are wondering what to do around Easter, we have the perfect answer. What better way to celebrate this holiday than with a traditional Aussie picnic? This means gourmet food, good company, and enjoyment of the last weekend of warm weather. Here’s how to do it right.


Who do you invite to your Easter picnic? Your nearest and dearest, of course. Whether that means close family, your best friends, or a mix of both, make sure it’s people you want to spend time with over this long weekend.

Easter is also a time of religious celebration, so it makes sense to celebrate with your loved ones. It’s not a time for work, but for play. Let them know you care – and let the good times roll.


Where do you go for the perfect picnic? Ideally, a sunny park or beachside barbecue pit. You may have trouble finding a park that isn’t already hosting an Easter celebration, but if it’s free to enter, you can enjoy the celebrations alongside your picnic.

The things you need to really do a good picnic area grassy area or picnic tables to sit on, enough space for your whole crew to spread out, and maybe somewhere to cook if needed. Of course, you can always bring along a disposable barbie if they’re allowed. Then again, since the weather is still warm, you might want to stick to cold treats like a salad finished with Orange and Poppyseed dressing.


Talking of food – what do you eat at a picnic? While others may prepare lacklustre sandwiches and boring soft drinks, you’re going to take yours a level up. Gourmet food is the key, and it will elevate your picnic in all kinds of ways.

Slather your sandwiches with a beetroot and pear chutney instead of butter to add a real flavoursome kick. Add a roasted pepper & chunky tomato relish to any hot food you serve, or top off salads with a spoonful of it. Bring along prosecco and homemade lemonade to wash it all down!

This has to be the ideal Aussie Easter picnic. We only wish you could invite us – you're going to have a blast! 

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