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  • Chilli & Garlic Oil

    Chilli & Garlic Oil

    The balanced flavour of chilli and garlic in this oil offers many options for creating fantastic meals. Drizzle over bru...

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  • Caramelised Fig Oil

    Caramelised Fig Oil

    A delightful way to add that extraordinary flavour to your meals. Drizzle over figs wrapped in Prosciutto or serve with ...

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  • Mango & Macadamia Oil

    Mango & Macadamia Oil

    The combination of mango and macadamia in this oil will compliment many meals. Trickle over a green salad and add fresh ...

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  • Australian Sea Salt

    Australian Sea Salt

    This Australian salt is great for the dining table, a lovely seasoning for vegetables or meat. Grind over Roma Tomatoes ...

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  • Chilli Salt

    Chilli Salt

    Whether you’re a chilli fan or just like a little spice this Chilli salt is for you. The chilli flakes will add a full b...

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  • Smoked Salt

    Smoked Salt

    Use this smoked salt over beef as a dry rub before pan frying or barbequing. Grind over fresh Salmon before searing in a...

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  • Peppercorn Trio

    Peppercorn Trio

    A trio of Black, Green and Pink peppercorns to enhance any dish that needs extra seasoning. Grind over steak before or a...

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  • S.P.G. (Salt, Pepper & Garlic)

    S.P.G. (Salt, Pepper & Garlic)

    The combination of our Australian sea salt with black pepper and garlic is the perfect seasoning for beef, chicken or la...

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  • Passionfruit Butter

    Passionfruit Butter

    Real Passionfruit pulp is mixed through eggs and butter to create this taste delight which is great on toast or pancakes...

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  • Lemon & Lime Butter

    Lemon & Lime Butter

    Tangy citrus flavours make this a classic all year round breakfast treat. Great on fresh toast. Add a spoonful to custar...

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  • Strawberry, Rhubarb & Vanilla Jam

    Strawberry, Rhubarb & Vanilla Jam

    A great combination of flavours with sweet strawberries balanced against the sharp flavour of rhubarb, all balanced with...

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  • Fig & Ginger Jam

    Fig & Ginger Jam

    The combination of spicy ginger is offset by the fig to create an interesting flavour combination which is delightful wi...

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  • Four Berry Jam

    Four Berry Jam

    Contains raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and blackberry blended to maximize flavour and deliver the ideal berry jam tas...

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  • Lemon Lime Marmalade

    Lemon Lime Marmalade

    Country, Farmstyle foods that are made in Australia with love & care. The Hill & River range presents family classics wi...

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